Video Intercom: Multifunctional, Slick & Smart

Video intercom systems provide high security access control. They keep you safe and offer convenience to the user as well as safety features. We are installing the new generation video intercom. This is multifunctional, slick and smart video intercom system. As it can be IP or 2 wire, it’s designed to suit the family home, as well as easily operating on large buildings with up to 500 users. This new system combines everything from access control, two way communication and complete integration with your CCTV system. It’s been well received by customers already using the system in both domestic and commercial premises.

“Incredibly easy to use, sleek, stylish…” – Keybury Customer, Leeds

Video Intercom

We’re constantly offering solutions to help you navigate the “new normal”. This video intercom system enables you easily control access throughout your building. It gives you seamless communication with no in-person contact.

At first glance, the power of this amazing security product could easily be underestimated. But when you discover the range of uses you’ll be impressed! It’s an interconnected communication system which is perfect for use on gated driveways, apartment buildings, surgeries, schools, office and commercial buildings.

The new generation intercom system offers a range of modules, depending on how you want to use it. You can choose from a range of options starting at the simple push call button which is useful for single door entry. Other modules include a a card reader, or keypad for coded access to individual areas such as apartments or offices. Alternatively, a full LCD display and keypad gives you a high definition view of your caller.

HD Video Intercom – with added video

The video intercom has a 2MP fish eye 80 degree full HD camera. If that isn’t enough for you, this system can also work together with your CCTV system. In fact you can connect up with as many as 16 cameras. This gives you a complete view of your security. Auto capture can be configured to keep a log of interactions, offering a multitude of functions.


The indoor stations are modern and sleek with HD touchscreen user friendly display. This allows video intercom. Each system can accommodate multiple indoor stations. Smart features support intercom between connected indoor stations. This provides communication between different areas of a building. For example you could answer to external visitors, and also communicate with a colleague in a area of the site.

Wifi connectivity means that this system can be controlled from your phone by an app. You can receive real time notifications direct to your device. This gives you ultimate control to answer calls remotely and even unlock gateways & doors remotely.

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