What do burglars look for? How do they choose which house to break into? How can you make sure it’s not your house they pick to burgle? Considering these questions is useful when you’re looking at the best way to protect your home from a break in. Here’s five things burglars look out for…

Burglars look for an easy way in

Doors and windows left open are quite literally an open invitation. If you’re in the garden or nipping out, lock the house up to thieves sneaking in. Leaving windows open whilst you’re out can invalidate your home insurance policy too. Lock up and set your house alarm to keep them out.

Burglars look for something worth stealing

Homes with clues about how value items. Have you considered what you do with packaging of high value items? Leaving the box from your new drone next to the bin or the wrapper from your new iPad case on the dashboard showcases that your house has high value content. Tidy up to avoid being a target.

Burglars look for somewhere they’ve been before

It’s true that burglars return to homes they’ve previously burgled. There are a couple of reasons for this: Firstly they know they can get in and out – they know which route worked for them last time. They may have seen something on their first visit which they’re returning for, or they may come back to take the new items you’ve bought to replace what they stole the first time. As if being burgled once isn’t awful enough. Unfortunately this happens more than you’d expect. So if you’ve been burgled, make sure you up your security levels to prevent a repeat. Install a monitored intruder alarm for the ultimate peace of mind.

Burglars look for routines

There are a couple of things that can be guaranteed at school pick up time. Firstly; it’s going to rain. (why does this happen?) Secondly, family homes are empty as parents file onto the playgrounds, umbrellas in hand, to collect their children from school. This is a golden opportunity for burglars who have been looking at routines. National events like bank holidays provide a similar guarantee of empty homes. Set your house alarm when you set off on the school run.

If you’re away for a longer period of time, there are a few things you can do to make it less obvious that your house is empty. Head over to our holiday tips blog to find out the best when to protect your home whilst you’re away.

Burglars look for places they can be invisible

Their main objective is to take something. They don’t want to be seen. A burglar might select a house which isn’t overlooked, or one with large hedges to prevent them being spotted by passers by. Anything that might make a burglar feel exposed is an excellent tool to deter them. The best of these is a home alarm system. Have you ever tried to ignore one and carry on with your day or sleep through one? You can’t! You have to have a look out of the window, or at least check your CCTV cameras to see what’s happening.

Protect Your Home From Burglars

Protect your home from burglars. Burglar alarms provide a very visible deterrent. They let burglars know they can be seen, and that any attempt to break in will raise an alert. If you’ve got a home alarm, make sure you use it and set it every time you go out. You can also configure it to set it at bedtime too. For more hints & tips head to our social media pages.

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