We have catered to many different security needs over the past three decades, from small terraced cottages, to huge industrial warehouses and everything in between.

Each person’s alarm needs are different, which is why our surveyors meet with our customers on site to have a look at the layout of the property and discuss the daily needs of the system.  Each intruder system is then tailor designed to your requirements and an accurate quote sent for your consideration. Because of these reasons, a flat rate for a burglar alarm is not always as easy as it sounds.

Before the surveyor meets with you, it may be a good idea to think through what it is that you want from your alarm.

Is it for a home with a small number of users, or a business with a large workforce?
It may be that you need to have a form of access control in place for large numbers of people to move around the building. Swipe tags or even fingerprint entry might be what you need.

Do you have high value contents which may require a higher level of security, or does your insurance company require you to have a certain grade of security protection?
It may be required that you have a response set up on your alarm to alert you, your designated keyholders, or even the police in the event of an activation from your system.

Would you like your system wired or wireless?
This is a common questions asked, which is better – wired or wireless? It really depends on the property and your own taste. Wireless systems can be quicker and cleaner to install as there is less cabling to run, but some people do prefer a traditional wired system.

There are many options available across the board for all sizes and uses of properties. Not least the option of pet friendly sensors which allow you to set your alarm even if you have your pet roaming around inside.

Above all, the most important thing about your intruder system is that you learn to use it confidently, regularly and keep up to date with services.
Many customers admit to not setting their alarm daily as they are worried about false activations or doing something wrong. Our engineers are happy to explain how your control panel works and help you to get to grips with using it properly. You can also check our previous blog post about how to avoid false activations.

If you have any questions regarding security for your home or business, simply get in touch, or give us a call at the office to arrange an appointment with one of our surveyors.