CSL Dualcom is an award winning company with patented signalling technology.  They provide a platform and products that facilitate the reliable delivery of alarm signals from the protected premises to the alarm receiving centre.
They have been named as, ‘The most trusted brand in alarm signalling.’  CSL Dualcom’s installed base includes hundreds of thousands of connections and continues to grow. They have the support of every UK alarm receiving centre – the organisations that monitor and dispatch alarm signals.

csl-dualcom-alarm-signalling-monitoring-keyburyCSL Dualcom combines fixed line signalling with GPRS mobile technology.  Utilising two signalling paths ensures that Dualcom dual signalling will always have a back-up path in the event of an accidental or deliberate fault on either path.  This resilience provides a secure signalling path which makes a highly reliable police calling facility.  A dual signalling device helps to distinguish genuine from false alarms and can therefore prevent the response time from dropping to a lower level or being withdrawn.  Any telephone line and provider can be used and there is no need for a dedicated phone line.  The signalling can share the current line and does not interfere with calls.

Dualcom systems offer a range of alarm signalling devices that use both the mobile phone network and your telephone or IP path to transmit intruder, fire and personal attack signals to an alarm receiving monitoring station at high speed.
Once the alarm is confirmed as genuine the police are notified by the monitoring station.

Dualcom provide a number of different monitoring products including DigiAir and DigiPlus options.

Dualcom DigiAir is a wireless digital communicator combining Digi with the multi network mobile option.

DigiPlus was developed to fit between any existing digital communicator and the telephone line providing an improved and robust signalling solution to issues posed by Next Generation Networks.

What they provide
– Police response for burglar alarm signals subject to a check by the monitoring station.
– Keyholders will be called first, unless a confirmed signal is received needing immediate police investigation. Keyholders are always informed in any case.
– Low battery report to keyholders if your electricity supply fails when you’re not there.
– Fire alarm signals sent by Dualcom can also be passed to the fire brigade or keyholders.
– Regular maintenance visits ensure all is in working order.
– High reliability Dualcom alarm signal transmission.
– Dualcom signalling combines telephone and radio technologies to provide continuous security for you and your property.
– Fixed tariff means unlimited transmissions without hidden charges.

Keybury Fire and Security also provide signalling from BT Redcare.  Read more about it in our previous blog here.