In a recent report looking at incident and insurance statistics, the burglar capital of the UK has been revealed – Newcastle residents run the biggest risk of a break in.

However the data revealed also states that only 78% of incidents are reported to the police. This could be because burglary is a notoriously difficult crime to solve. Fewer than 1 in 5 burglaries result in convictions and only 1 in 8 victims ever see any of their stolen possessions again.

Burglary rates in housing areas make a difference to insurance premiums with people living in areas of higher crime paying up to 20% more than average. Similarly, people living in areas of particularly low crime could pay up to a third lower than average.

Around Christmas there is an increase in burglaries right across the country. Christmas celebrations mean that homes tend to have more valuable items available and homes are more likely to be empty during this time as people are out at parties or visiting friends and family.

Keeping your home secure is especially important at this time of year. Ensure that doors and windows are locked and that your alarm is set when you leave or go to bed. With the likeliness of finding stolen possessions so low, the best action to take against burglaries is to do as much as possible to prevent the invasions in the first place. It is also recommended that you take caution when posting your location or photos of your new gifts on social media.

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Britain’s Most Burgled Cities
1. Newcastle
2. Brighton
3. Leeds
4. Manchester
5. Edinburgh
6. Liverpool
7. London
8. Nottingham
9. Southampton
10. Glasgow