Who is testing your fire alarm during lockdown?

It is straightforward for commercial premises to ensure that they are complying with fire safety law in normal times. However we are not living in normal times. The current global pandemic has knock on effects that could easily be overlooked. One example of this is fire alarm testing. Who is testing your fire alarm during lockdown? The person responsible for fire safety must ensure that the fire alarm system is regularly tested. Fire safety law still applies during lockdown and so it is advisable to draw up a contingency plan for this period. Many businesses have a member of staff who is assigned the task of carrying out the weekly test. If that member of staff has been furloughed or is working from home, there is a risk that the system could go untested. The purpose of carrying out a fire alarm test is to ensure that the alarm is working. Your fire alarm should also be regularly inspected and serviced by a competent person. The person responsible for fire safety can ensure that they have selected a competent person by opting for a reputable company with the appropriate approvals. For example at Keybury we hold both BAFE & NSI Gold standard approvals for fire alarm maintenance, as well as fire alarm design, installation and commissioning. A commercial property left empty by lockdown is still at risk of fire by accident or deliberate cause and should be properly protected by a working fire alarm.

who is testing your fire alarm during lockdown

How can you ensure you are complying with fire safety law and protecting your premises?

It’s important to protect your business. Plan who will test your fire alarm during lockdown. Decide when the tests will take place. You may need telephone support from your fire alarm maintenance provider. You even may wish to enlist a professional fire protection company to carry out these tests for you.  Agree a procedure for testing the fire alarm, which should also include washing your hands and wiping the call point and panel before and after carrying out the fire alarm test. Check when your fire alarm was last serviced. You may need to make arrangements to have the system serviced during the lockdown period. At Keybury we carry out regular maintenance of fire alarms. Our team can service fire alarm systems even if we didn’t originally install them. We also carry out routine maintenance of emergency lighting and fire extinguishers, and ll three services can be carried out on one visit in order o reduce the number of contractors required on site. Find out more about our fire protection services here or contact us on 05135 661197 to discuss your requirements. who is testing your fire alarm during lockdown wash your hands