Wireless technology is now common place from headphones to chargers, so it’s no surprise that more and more people are opting for wireless alarm systems. But should you? We’ve put your questions to our team:

Which home alarm system is best?

cleanWireless alarm systems don’t require wires (as the name suggests!) which means less hassle for the homeowner. Professional installers can fit a wireless system quickly and without mess.    

Are wireless alarm systems reliable?

pros and cons of wireless alarm systems Professional installers who work to industry standards will be required to use equipment of a high standard. This makes the system much more reliable. Regular maintenance keeps your system working well. Keybury offers packages which include replacement batteries for all devices. All batteries are recycled as part of our commitment to sustainability.

How does a wireless alarm system work?

wireless alarm systems Wireless alarms use two way wireless technology to send and receive signals between the alarm devices, the panel and the external sounder (bell box). They are simple to operate with key fobs to set and unset.


Do wireless alarms need internet?

No… the system itself does not need the internet but if you’d like a smart security system with app control and alerts to your phone then you will need the internet.

How much does an alarm cost?

Each alarm system is different, depending on the building they’re protecting and the requirements you have. Some systems incorporate pet friendly devices, personal attack alarms or flood sensors. Others require a tag reader or an extra keypad.  Prices for each system vary depending on the number of devices. We offer free, no obligation quotations with our friendly and knowledgeable surveyors. If you still have questions about wireless or wired systems then ask our team. They can answer your questions and discuss the pros and cons of wireless system in your home or business. Book your free survey today by calling 01535 661197 or email sales@keybury.co.uk