Are you considering a wireless home security system? They’re a popular option because – as you might have guessed – there’s lots of time and mess saved by removing the need to run wires. So what’s not to love? We look at the pros and cons of a wireless home intruder alarm.

The pros of a wireless home security system

The pros of a wireless security system include their flexibility, ease of install resulting in less mess and potentially lower costs. Obviously at Keybury all our systems come without mess, no matter the method of installation.

Wireless systems also offer flexibility; you can add a sensor into a room where cabling might have been impractical. As installation takes less time, the cost for labour to install such a system is often reduced – indeed some installers almost throw these systems in.

Additional wireless elements can be added into wireless systems, including smart plugs and car defenders, providing a more rounded home security package.

What are the drawbacks of a wireless alarm?

Some of the obstacles presented by wireless alarms include the range and longevity of the equipment. Industry approved equipment will of course last for much longer than cheaper options. These are obviously more costly in the long run as they need to be replaced. Wireless elements will run on battery power, and these batteries will inevitably require replacement. Ensure your alarm installer offers aftersales care and be clear on what this includes in terms of replacing batteries in wireless components.

Some elements of the alarm will require wires, so expect a wired control panel and, if you’ve got your heart set on a backlit bell box (and we wouldn’t blame you!) you’ll need a wired bell box. It’s absolutely worth the wire.

A wireless security system may not be suitable for your property – for example if you have extremely thick walls. In this case your system would not work effectively. It’s important to consult a professional home security surveyor to confirm whether a wireless system would be best suited for your property.

There aren’t many drawbacks to a wireless home security system, but most of them can be avoided by opting for a professional installer.

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