Apps. Where would we be without them? We use them to order our food, find our way and connect with each other. Your home security app puts you in complete control of your home security. It allows you to view, monitor and control the system wherever you are. It can tell you more than you might imagine.

What can your home security app tell you?

This first thing that your home security app can tell you is that your house alarm is going off. You won’t be surprised to read this, as it’s probably the number one reason to get the app. App monitoring is really useful. It notifies you directly on your phone or tablet. The second thing your app will tell you is which area of the house the activation has occurred. If you’ve got the CCTV app you can check the area and if you’re happy reset the alarm. You can even switch off that particular area if needed.

But did you know that you can get notifications for more than just alarm activations?

Imagine you’ve finally just got into bed after a busy day. And then you think “did I set the house alarm?” The home app can tell you! Just check your phone – and if you did forget, you can set the alarm right there within the app without having to get back out of bed. Hooray! This also works if you arrive at work/your in-laws/the airport and can’t remember if you set the alarm in the rush to get everyone out the door.

Holiday cover

Holiday cover

Speaking of holidays… if you’re jetting off for a week of relaxing by the beach, do you leave a key with a friend, neighbour or family member? They can download the app and look after your home security temporarily whilst you enjoy a break. So your home security app can tell them instead of you.

Or you can leave your notifications on and be alerted to them calling in to collect your post, water the plants or feed the cat.

Your Home Security App in a Power cut

The home security app can alert you to a power cut. This could be useful if you’re away for the weekend and could ask someone to rescue the contents of your freezer. Don’t worry. Your alarm’s back up battery should keep your alarm working for a good 8 hours.

Puppy Parents

Puppy parents who employ dog walking services often find the app useful. It can notify you when your dog walker sets and unsets your alarm, so you’ll know when your four legged friends are heading out for walkies! …and when they’re returning home again. Make sure you’ve got pet safe sensors in the areas your dog roams when the alarm is set.


Since lockdown, so many of us have decided to renovate our homes. If you haven’t put in a new kitchen, converted the garage or added an extension in the last 3 years you probably know someone who has. We’ve been busy carrying out alterations to our customer’s alarm systems as they change the way they use their home. So here your app can tell you that the kitchen fitter/joiner/builder/decorator has arrived or left if you’ve given them their own key and setting fob. This can provide particular reassurance for anyone who is away at work whilst refurbishments happen at home. You can also switch off a device in a particular room. This allows you to leave the garage accessible, for example, whilst the rest of the house is left with alarm armed and secure.

Now the app can come in handy when you’re having renovations but be wary. When you switch off a device through your app you’re simply telling it not to activate the alarm. It’s still fully connected into the system and will require one of our team to remove it from the wall if you’re carrying out restructuring. Anyone attempting to remove a device without the proper training, knowledge and understanding of the system will cause the alarm to activate.


It’s our family business to protect your family and your business. As a truly family run firm we care about protecting families,,, and we know what busy family life is like. And we know how helpful your home security app can be in navigating this. Crucially, you can receive regular alerts whenever the alarm is set or unset by specific people – or by anyone. The benefits of this range from convenience to essential.

Firstly if you’ve got teens or tweens at high school who arrive home before you do, do they remember to let you know they’re home? Your home security app lets you know they have arrived with a notification that the alarm is unset.

Perhaps you’ve got a vulnerable relative. Your app can tell you that they are safe. Daily alerts that they have unset their house alarm each morning, or arrived home from the shops can provide crucial reassurance.

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