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About Smartphone CCTV

With the state-of-the-art equipment available for today’s domestic CCTV systems the acronym ‘CCTV’ seems no longer appropriate as they are no longer a Closed Circuit.

Initially camera systems were designed to be in a closed loop and did not broadcast pictures by any means. However we can now easily view images over the internet via p.c.’s, laptops and tablets and most commonly via a smartphone.

Keybury’s smartphone cctv systems can be viewed over apple iPad and iPhones and Android tablets and smartphones. If cameras are installed at more than one location these can all be viewed seamlessly on the same mobile-phone application.

The most common cameras to be used for the home are high-definition minidomes which are both robust and discreet and come with built-in LED’s for infrared night-time illumination. If super high-quality images are required then a HD version can be fitted. HD is more expensive but produces ultra-high resolution images. However very good additional-lighting must be installed to ensure night-time images are equally good. High-res analogue cameras are perfectly good for most domestic premises and provide an impressive quality of image without breaking the bank.

The Digital Video Recorders provide realtime recording and give remote viewing capabilities as standard. The viewing app must be purchased separately from the Apple or Android app stores to ensure you continue to get all future free-updates.

Remote viewing requires you to have both a Broadband connection and a static ip address (ask your internet service provider for details). There are no Data Protection issues for domestic premises as the DP Act only applies to commercial premises.

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