Wireless Burglar Alarm

Wireless Burglar Alarm

Quick installation, mess free

wireless home burglar alarms.

All with Security App Integration.

wireless burglar alarm
wireless burglar alarm yorkshire

A common question when considering a burglar alarm for the home is, “Will it make a mess?”
Wireless burglar alarm systems are the ultimate in mess-free installation.

Wireless house alarms have a digital control panel which communicates wirelessly with different types of detectors. There are door and window contacts, PIR sensors, pet-immune sensors, vibration sensors, panic buttons and even smoke and CO detectors.

Pet Friendly Sensors

Protecting pooch has never been so easy.

We fit hi-tech animal immune detectors.

Property and pet protection in one.

There is no excuse to leave your

home unprotected.

wireless pet sensors
wireles heat smoke co detectors

Wireless Add-Ons

Protect more than just possessions

With Smoke, Heat and CO Detectors.

Even add wireless leak detection.

All devices can notify you via the app.

Add Monitoring

Don’t want to just rely on the neighbours?

Let Keybury’s central station monitor your alarm 24/7.

We check activations and action police or keyholders.

Keybury Home Alarm Monitoring
get home security app

Add The Home Security App

Set your alarm from your phone.

Receive alerts with push notifications.

Control multiple systems.

Flexible Protection

Protect outbuildings easily.

Simple to reconfigure or add additional sensors.

Need to redecorate? Just simply remove

sensors and refit when you’re done.

Take your system with you when you move.

protect outbuildings wireless contact

Of all types of burglar alarm then, wireless offers perhaps the simplest in terms of setting and unsetting. Arming the system is achieved either by the app or by the press of a radio key-fob – no codes to remember and allows for both partial setting (bedtime) and full setting of the alarm.

Keybury install wireless house alarm systems for homes across Harrogate, Skipton, Keighley, Bradford Leeds, York and the surrounding areas.