Police Response

About Police Response

Many insurers require businesses to provide a guaranteed police response from their intruder alarm system.

However there are several aspects to consider before making your choice. A police response can only be gained under the ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) URN scheme (Unique reference Number). This brings with various rules and regulations that must be adhered to.
Added to all this is the grading of the intruder –alarm system under the European standard EN50131 and the choice of signalling method i.e. how the signal from the alarm is transmitted to the alarm company’s receiving centre.
Sometimes all these requirements are prescribed by an insurer which at least solves one problem of choice. If the insurance requirements are a bit vague it is important to understand a little of the choices on offer.
System Design – A For a burglar alarm to achieve a police response it must be designed and configured to give ‘confirmation’ signals. This means that the police want to be convinced that activation is genuine before they can be called. There are actually three methods of achieving a ‘confirmed alarm’ signal (Audio, Visual and Sequential) however the most successful, affordable and popular method is sequential confirmation. Sequential confirmation means that the police will not be called when only one detector activates in isolation. Only when two or more independent detectors activate can the police be actioned. This impacts the design of the system often resulting in the use of more detectors to ensure swift police action.
The burglar alarm system must be designed to a specific grade (e.g. 2, 3 or 4). The higher the grade the higher the level of security and the choice of grade is often highly influenced by an insurer. A common mistake though is to confuse the grade of the alarm system with the class of the signalling system. The various types of signalling also have similar classifications which again relate to the security and robustness of the signalling method. However it is not uncommon to have a grade 2 intruder alarm with grade 4 signalling.
When it comes to signalling there are several choices: Digicom, Redcare, Redcare GSM, Dualcom, Dualcom GPRS, Dualcom GSM, Dualcom grade shift. Once again the choices relate to the robustness of the device.