Police Response Home Alarm Systems

Police Response Home Alarm Systems

Get a guaranteed police response to your home.

We monitor your home 24/7, check activations

and when confirmed dispatch the police.

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‘Signalling’ is how the alarm signal is transmitted to our monitoring centre. There are a choice of signalling methods depending on your budget and the level of security you require. These include (but are not limited to) dual path signalling and wireless digital signalling. If your signalling is being affected but the PSTN switch off, we can offer several alternative monitoring options which do not rely on analogue phone lines. Your insurer may require a specific system, if not we are happy to advise. Speak to our team for more information about the options available.”

Alarm Activates

police response monitoring

Confirmed at Monitoring Centre

monitored police response alarm

Police Actioned

home alarm police monitoring

The police force policy states that they will not attend an audible-only burglar alarm system.
Just the siren or ringing bell of a residential burglar alarm is no longer enough to summon a response from the police. However, if you would like the peace-of-mind of a guaranteed police response this can be achieved without breaking the bank.

police monitored alarm

Get Police Response Home Alarm Systems

Our ‘confirmed alarm’ technology ensures that police are only actioned when alarm activations are genuine. Keep your insurance company happy with a monitored system.

Protect your home and family with a guaranteed police response, monitored alarm system. For an affordable monthly fee, you can have total peace-of-mind.

If you’re looking for a specialist installer of residential burglar alarms with police response in Harrogate, Skipton, Keighley, Bradford, Leeds, York and throughout Yorkshire and Lancashire contact Keybury Fire and Security today.

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