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We offer state-of-the-art equipment and a user friendly all encompassing home CCTV app.

Home security camera systems have improved incredibly in recent years. This has meant that images are much clearer, systems are more affordable and images can be easily viewed on a CCTV app.

The app allows you to view live images in realtime. You can also play back to check your CCTV for specific events at exact times. Combining your cameras with perimeter security creates a proactive system to alert you once a specified line is breached.

The Best Home CCTV Cameras

The most common cameras to be used for the home are high-definition mini-domes which are both robust and discreet. They come in different finishes and have built-in LED’s for infrared night-time illumination. If super high-quality images are required then a HD version can be fitted. HD is more expensive but produces ultra-high resolution images. However very good additional-lighting must be installed to ensure night-time images are equally good. High-res analogue cameras are perfectly good for most domestic premises and provide an impressive quality of image without breaking the bank.

CCTV app

Home CCTV App and more

Keybury’s CCTV systems can be viewed in our app which is compatible with both Apple and Android tablets and smartphones. The app allows owners to view several cameras together in one place. If cameras are installed at more than one location these can all be viewed on the same app. Other systems can also be linked together to receive intruder alarm and smoke alarm alerts all within the same app. This creates the complete smart security system for your home.

Security Camera Upkeep

Keybury offer ongoing maintenance cover to keep your cameras in good working order and provide 24 hour technical support. You can also find updates and tips for CCTV on our social media pages.

Our free surveys include a demonstration. If you are in Harrogate, Skipton, Keighley, Leeds, York or the surrounding areas, book your free survey here or by calling 01535 661197.

Our whole experience with Keybury has been excellent from the initial visit from the Surveyor to installation.

On Friday we had a two camera CCTV system installed on our house. The engineer did an excellent job, hosing down the pathway outside the house where the debris had been from drilling and also vacuuming up the mess from drilling indoors. The cables are neatly hidden in conduit which he caulked to help in blend into the wall. The cables leading from the wall to the DVR are neatly tied and labelled. He made sure the cameras where setup exactly how we wanted them.

The system itself is excellent, the cameras are positioned just under the roof eaves, so whilst you can see them they are fairly discrete and don’t make your home look like Fort Knox. The system lets you search your recordings for objects entering or exiting a specific area, movement or someone crossing a virtual line. So far we’ve already discovered we’ve got a Hedgehog CCTV APP

Being able to check in on your garden using the remote app is also reassuring.

Mr Horner``He made sure the cameras where setup exactly how we wanted them``