Addressable Fire Alarm System

Addressable Fire Alarm System

These systems are so named because every device (smoke detector, call point, sounder etc.) can be given a unique address.

When a detector activates the panel displays an exact text description e.g. ‘Ground Floor Lobby Call Point’.

This allows business owners and, even more importantly, the fire and rescue service, to quickly locate a fire.

addressable fire alarm system
addressable fire alarm systems

An addressable fire alarm system is ideal for large premises such as hotels, office blocks and factories. One of the reasons why they are suited to large buildings is the number of devices they can monitor at any one time. The detectors are wired in loops, each loop can handle a maximum of 256 devices, so a four-loop panel could monitor 1024 devices.

Systems are also more intelligent e.g. can monitor the state of a device and warn should they need cleaning. They can also be accessed remotely for interrogation and programming.

NSI Gold / BAFE Approved

NSI Gold - BAFE SP203 Approved

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FIA Trained


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