Business CCTV Remote Monitoring

Business CCTV Remote Monitoring

A monitored CCTV system is a great proactive solution for a site that needs continuous 24-hour surveillance.
Cameras detect any unauthorised potential intruders or vehicles and alert our manned around-the-clock monitoring station.
Once we have been alerted of any unusual activity, we issue audio warnings direct to the site and action the police if criminal activity is taking place. We can monitor your site remotely, 24-7 – 365.

home cctv monitoring
home cctv remote monitoring

Police Response or Guarding Response

If you want ultimate peace-of-mind we can monitor your CCTV around-the clock and provide a guaranteed police response (BS8418:2015). However, if you want to avoid the red tape of the police-force policy then perhaps a guarding response is for you, or even a simple keyholder response.

The ultimate protection for your business. Get total peace-of-mind with CCTV remote monitoring. We install business CCTV with remote monitoring across Keighley, Bradford, Skipton, Leeds, Harrogate, York and all areas of Yorkshire and Lancashire.

Police Response

police response home cctv remote monitoring

Guarding Response 

guarding response cctv remote monitoring

Keyholder Response

keyholder cctv remote monitoring

And finally, if you want to see what our monitoring staff can see why not add the Keybury CCTV App? See your business 24/7 – 365. View live and recorded images. The app can view multiple sites.