CCTV Video Analytics

CCTV Video Analytics

CCTV video analytics uses software algorithms to analyse images streaming from the camera and detect verified alarm-conditions.

This could be an intruder in a restricted area for instance. The analytics software automates the task of continuously monitoring CCTV images.

The software is designed to detect humans and vehicles but ignore wildlife making the system incredibly stable and false-alarm free.

cctv video analytics
hikvision video analytics

AcuSense 4K NVR
H.265+/H.265/H.264+/H.264 video formats
Intelligent analytics based on deep learning algorithm

AcuSense Network Cameras
High quality imaging .
Excellent low-light performance with powered by DarkFighter technology
Efficient H.265+ compression technology
False alarm reduction through human and vehicle target classification based on deep learning algorithm.

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