PTZ Camera

PTZ Camera – Pan Tilt Zoom

With our smart, pan-tilt-zoom CCTV cameras you can drive the unit remotely to zoom in on any suspicious events.
They have the functionality to monitor very large areas giving 360° coverage.

The camera can capture a scene in amazing detail which ensures the footage is of good evidential quality should an offence occur.
The premium cameras incorporate ‘Auto Tracking’ which allows the units to automatically follow any potential intruder around the site.

ptz camera
ptz camera - pan tilt zoom

Darkfighter PTZ Security Cameras

A PTZ camera operates by allowing movement of the camera in all directions to get a complete picture of the area being monitored and providing zoom facilities for even greater detail. Perfect in combination with Smart Video Analytics.

PTZ zoom facilities means large sites can be covered with much fewer cameras than using traditional static cameras. The range runs from the value series through pro and ultra to the special series. There’s a camera that’s right for your security and budget requirements.

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