About Commissioning

Every module of a fire alarm system needs appropriate documentation.

Commissioning and handover is a very important part of the overall process. The commissioning engineer should be trained in this aspect and should not be the same person who installed the system.
Keybury have trained designers, installers, commissioning engineers and service staff. We can even undertake commissioning of a system installed by others.
The British standard (BS5839 part 1:2013) requires that a commissioning engineer must have an in-depth understanding of all the technical aspects of the equipment to be commissioned, an ability to successfully understand and interpret the design requirements, and a comprehensive understanding of the commissioning process.
When considering having a commercial fire-alarm installed then make sure from the outset that the quote you obtain covers all the following modules: design, installation, commissioning and handover. It’s also wise to enquire as to the ongoing maintenance costs.
As with many fire-safety legislation requirements the ‘responsible person’ in your organisation must appoint a competent fire-alarm supplier. Government advice tells us the easiest way to prove you appointed a competent supplier is through third-party certification such as the BAFE scheme. Keybury are NSI Fire Gold approved and BAFE SP203 qualified.