About Servicing

Once you have had a commercial fire alarm installed it is a legal requirement to ensure the system is maintained.

Fire alarms must be serviced at a minimum of two six-monthly intervals.
In more complex systems and in buildings with harsh environments the servicing intervals could be significantly smaller (e.g. four times a year). The designer should make the decision on the required service-intervals. So when considering a fire-alarm installation make sure you know how many service visits a year will be required as this can impact upon your annual maintenance budget.
The servicing company must test every device over a twelve-month period. That does not mean every device will tested on every visit but rather a phased amount over each visit ensuring that when all service visits are complete that all devices have been tested.
As with all the other modules of a BS5839 part 1 fire alarm the correct documentation must be provided for your fire-safety records. Should you have a visit from an enforcing authority, such as a Fire Officer, then this documentation must be produced.
Timing of your service visits should be consider to avoid impacting your day-to-day running of the business. Part of the servicing process requires all sounder levels to be measured to ensure they are reaching the require decibel level. If this would negatively affect your operation (e.g. a telephone call centre) then scheduling at quitter times or outside normal operating hours should be agreed.
We are happy to maintain existing systems and are happy to give you a competitive quotation for annual maintenance. We merely need to know the size of your control panel (i.e. one zone, four zone etc.) and the total number of devices in your building. Just call or fill in the online enquiry form for a quick quotation.