CCTV obligationsStaff at Keybury Security Systems have undertaken specialist training to better equip the company with skills required to meet stringent new standards that enable customers using its detector-activated, remotely monitored CCTV systems to gain the quickest possible police response.

David Lalor, sales and marketing director of Keybury, which operates across Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven, explained: “Applied correctly, detector-activated CCTV has the potential to stop crime in its tracks – a verbal warning alone can deter at least 90% of intruders.

“However, major changes to the ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) policy mean that Police attendance on site can no longer be guaranteed within an acceptable time frame.

“For end-users seeking maximum site security, it is now vital to ensure that detector-activated, remotely monitored CCTV systems – and companies that design and install them – are fully compliant with BS 8418 and qualify for a Unique Reference Number in order to obtain a guaranteed police response to a detector activation.

“Our people are now trained and our systems inspected to this rigorous standard, ensuring not only quality, but also the means to determine that an incident on our customers’ premises becomes a police priority – a rapid response facility that can also help reduce insurance premiums.

“Businesses should be aware that security companies without such certification have to call 999 and report an emergency situation like any ordinary member of the public.”