Keybury partner with Bradford City Football Club sponsorship 2015 2016

Keybury Fire & Security are happy to announce the renewal of their sponsorship with Bradford City Football Club!

It was recently announced on the Bradford City official website that Keybury have renewed sponsorship for the upcoming 2015/2016 season. This marks the third year which Keybury have had partnership with the football club.

The Keybury board can be seen directly underneath the scoreboard, so be sure to keep a look out!

The directors here at Keybury are lifelong fans of Bradford City, and can often be found in the stands at Valley Parade.

When interviewed by Commercial and Banqueting Manager Daniel Kuby, Managing Director of Keybury, Frank Gee said, “In 1982 we were launching our business as Bobby Campbell was launching the ball over Bournemouth’s keeper to take us up from the old fourth division. In the next three decades Keybury, our staff and City have had one thing in common: It’s all about the team.”

Keybury also support youth football, with the Bradford and Calderdale Keybury Junior League still going strong since 1993.
Read the full article on the Bradford City website here.