Frank GeeKeybury Security Systems is responding to a revolution in the fire alarms industry that affects every single business in the land. .

Company staff have undergone specialist training to equip Keybury with skills to meet the requirements of a new nationwide industry standard governing the installation and maintenance of fire alarms.

Keybury has now launched an awareness-raising drive across its Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven trading areas to help firms ensure they do not fall foul of the stringent new rulings.

Frank Gee, managing director of Keybury, which has offices in Keighley, Skipton and Ilkley, warns: “Under the scheme, employers are now required to undertake fire risk assessments to safeguard the safety of all relevant people.

“To do so, they must appoint a responsible person who decides if a fire alarm is needed and, if so, which system it should be.

“This is a huge responsibility for one person – and it’s where the new standard becomes vital, as it audits fire alarm service providers and offers third party certification which tells people which security companies have been approved by the industry.

“Accredited firms can provide peace of mind to customers that all fire alarm work is properly undertaken and that all systems installed are regulation-compliant, operate effectively and minimise false alarms.

“Certification is particularly important in respect of new Fire Brigade policy concerning an ever-increasing number of false alarm call-outs that connect automatically to a control centre. The Brigade has now adopted regulations similar to those used by the Police governing intruder alarm activation false alarms.

“This now means that only certified fire security providers will be able to install systems which feature an automatic call-out facility.”

Keybury Security Systems’ certification comes through the industry-leading National Security Inspectorate, which has already approved the company for its burglar alarm, CCTV and access control systems.

Mr Gee added: “Ironically, there is currently no legal requirement to be approved for fitting fire alarms, which means anybody can do it. Our advice is to use only fire security providers that have qualified for the new standard.

“This is now the law of the land and companies that ignore the legislation do so at their peril.”