Keybury operations director Patrick Beebe demonstrates the new CCTV technology that is helping to reduce instances of metal theft.

Keybury Fire and Security is helping to clamp down on metal theft.

Keybury reports high levels of demand for new technology that allows businesses and organisations to keep tabs on their premises, facilities and installations by linking CCTV cameras to Smartphones or iPads.

With spiralling instances of metal theft hitting the headlines, Keybury says a 35% increase in sales of CCTV systems can be put down not only to greater security awareness, but also major advances in state-of-the art bolt-on technology.

Operations director Patrick Beebe said: “New software compatible with Smartphones such as Apple iPhones, iPad, iPod Touch and Android mobiles have revolutionised the industry sector.

“With metal theft from business premises, churches, public utilities such as the rail network and broadband cable installations running an all-time high, those equipped with CCTV have a powerful deterrent.

“Users are now able to view real-time pictures via their mobile phones – and respond accordingly if they see anything suspicious.”

Keybury Fire and Security, which is this year celebrating its 30th anniversary, was one of the first companies in the region to offer the new technology.

Patrick explained: “People also need to be aware of increased pressure from insurance companies, particularly on firms who store metal outside. Insurers are now insisting that CCTV systems should comply with the latest British standard – BS8418-2010 – because of the boom in metal theft. It guarantees a police response. Our systems are fully compliant with the standard.”

Keighley-based Keybury Fire & Security also has offices in Skipton, Ilkley, Harrogate and York.