Peter is leaving us this Christmas to start his retirement. He first joined Keybury 30 years ago, installing his first job J180.

Peter Atkinson started working for Shorrock Alarms on leaving school at 15. While at this company he met Frank Gee and showed him the ropes in the alarms business. Once Keybury had been established for a couple of years and were looking to expand, Peter was the first person Frank thought of for the job.
On 1st October 1984, Peter started at Keybury and since then has gone on to install all types of alarms across intruder, fire and CCTV, from domestic alarms to Harrison and Clough. He has also travelled across the country installing Shop Alert systems including the Bentall Centre and St Enochs in Glasgow.

Due to Peter’s wealth of experience he has also taken on the role of working alongside the company’s new trainee engineers to show them the Keybury way! As Peter has trained most of the engineers currently working at Keybury, his knowledge is continuing to be beneficial to both the company and the individuals

Peter has now decided to retire and he leaves behind a real tangible legacy with all those top quality alarm systems carrying his hallmark. Of course we now have a few of Peter’s protégés to carry on the good work into the next 30 years so it just leaves us to say thanks Peter, wishing you good luck and a long healthy retirement.
Frank speaks highly of Peter and says that his high standards of workmanship set a benchmark for all Keybury engineers.