Wireless Alarms

About Wireless Alarms

A very common question when designing a burglar alarm for the home is, “Will it make a mess?”

Wireless intruder alarms are the ultimate in mess-free installation.



Systems incorporate a digital control panel which communicates wirelessly with an array of detectors. The following detectors are available: door and window contacts, PIR sensors, Pet Immune sensors, vibration sensors, panic buttons and even smoke detectors.
If the alarm activates digital signals are transmitted to our around-the-clock monitoring centre. The alarm receiving centre can then contact you and keyholders to inform you of any break-ins.
The remote monitoring also would inform you should the power be off at your premises for an undue length of time ensuring you don’t return from holiday to a freezer full of warm food! The systems are European Grade 2 and every system comes with an NSI Gold (insurance approved) certificate.
Adding smoke detectors to your system can not only give life-protection when sleeping but also property protection when you are not there. Once again the system would transmit fire-signals to the receiving centre who would instantly call you and your nominated keyholders – Security and ire protection in one.
Of all types of burglar alarm then wireless offers perhaps the simplest in terms of setting and unsetting. Arming the system is achieved by the press of a radio key-fob – no codes to remember and allows for both partial setting (bedtime) and full setting of the alarm. The same key-ring mounted fob also has a built-in panic button.
Checkout our current wireless alarms special-offer or download our handy guide for more detailed information.