CCTV Upgrade

Business CCTV Upgrade

Upgrade your old CCTV system to High Definition without rewiring.

Power over coax HD technology has revolutionised the CCTV market. Our surveyors can help you easily upgrade your existing analogue CCTV system to HD quality.

In most cases, we can reuse any existing coax cabling and simply update your cameras and DVR, saving you on labour costs to deliver a new HD system.

business cctv upgrade
business cctv upgrade

Business CCTV Upgrade – Hikvision’s PoC technology and Smart DVR’s can produce long transmission distances (200m). It is perfect for upgrades as no new wiring, to provide power to the cameras, is necessary and any new cameras added need no electrical mains points fitting, again saving money.

Most other solutions have many modular devices converting and reconverting video and power at each end – a recipe for faults, multiple connections and multiple devices. Hikvisions PoC technology is plug-and-play, no separate convertors – providing excellent stability.

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