Access Control

About Access Control

Designed individually to meet your security requirements and your budget.

From stand-alone systems such as keypads and card or proximity swipe to multi-user pc-based applications we have an affordable solution.
For ease of use systems can be fully integrated with an intruder alarm providing savings on installation and beyond.
Multi-user – Multi-door systems require a P.C. based management system offering levels of access, time zones, time and attendance plus audit trails and automatic report generation.
Access systems can be configured to use different methods of gaining access, i.e. card reader, proximity reader, keypad or combined reader and keypad.
Multi-site Organisations can link remote sites together controlling and creating reports and audit trails from one central location.
Integration with other security devices such as intruder alarms and CCTV is achievable; for example systems can be proximity access control configured to use the same proximity device to set the burglar alarm and open a door. Unauthorised attempts at access can trigger a camera to spin and immediately zoom-in and record the culprit.
With any access system you need to first determine the purpose that the system needs to serve. Wit may be simply to restrict unauthorised visitors it may need to be more complex monitoring, people, times of entry and exit, taking account of shifts and holidays and integrating with fire alarms.