Do you have a maintained alarm system in your home? Did you know this could potentially save you money on your home insurance?

The majority of insurance companies ask for an NSI approved company installation that is regularly serviced and maintained. An annual service not only keeps you within your insurer’s requirements, but also gives you the knowledge that your alarm is in working order. An alarm system that regularly has faults is not fit for purpose and will not be considered appropriate by your insurance company.

NSI Gold indicates the company has Product Certification against specific sector standards, and also Quality Management System Certification. The NSI Gold accreditation is the greatest perceived value across the industry and by police, fire and rescue services and insurers.

Keybury Fire and Security are an NSI Gold approved company.

If you would like your existing alarm to be maintained, this is something we can help you with even if we did not install it. This could help with your home insurance policy and could even get you a discount. For more information on having your alarm maintained, call us today for a quotation.

When getting an alarm installed it is a good idea to inform your insurance provider. Some customers have seen a reduction in insurance premiums of between 2% and 15%!

The level of security your alarm provides depends on the needs of your premises. The higher the grade of security you have, the more benefit it will have over your insurance. Police response is only guaranteed with alarms installed by police compliant, accredited companies, for example NSI or NACOSS.

Insurance requirements vary, with different companies listing their own terms, so it is worth having a look into what your provider looks for in an alarm and if it will save you money.

Call us today to get a quotation for a new alarm, an upgrade of your existing alarm or to have an alarm maintained by us on 01535 66 11 97.