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Doorbell Cameras

Author: Christine Bell October 20, 2021 In Security
Doorbell cameras have replaced traditional doorbells on a lot of homes in recent years and it’s easy to see why; they’re useful, practical and provide security. We have asked the experts and home owners their tips to help anyone looking […]

Protect What Matters Most: National Home Security Month 2021

Author: Christine Bell October 1, 2021 In Security
National Home Security Month is back for 2021 aiming to help home owners to protect what matters most with high quality home security systems, tips and facts. We’re pleased to be advocating National Home Security Month again this October; Working […]

Access: Your Office Security

Author: Christine Bell September 24, 2021 In Security
Does your business use an access control system? Access control is especially valuable for safety in the office. As it implies, these systems manage entry and exit to zones in your workplace. This might include store rooms, server rooms and […]

Autumn Security Tips

Author: Christine Bell September 17, 2021 In Security
October is National Home Security Month (NHSM). Each year, Keybury supports this nationwide campaign to raise the profile of home security, we focus on spreading the message locally in Yorkshire & Lancashire. Read our Autumn Security Tips to protect your […]

Back to school

Author: Christine Bell September 8, 2021 In Security
Are you ready for the kids to go back to school? It’s an emotional time. Many crave the return to normality, particularly after these turbulent 18 months. On the other hand, lots of parents will be feeling emotional as their […]

8 simple ways to avoid a break in

Author: Christine Bell September 3, 2021 In Security
Break ins reported recently August has arrived with a flurry of headlines and social media posts about Burglaries, thefts and break ins in Keighley. The latest figures from say that there were 161 incidents of burglary, theft and vehicle […]

Sneak in theft: What is it, and how do I avoid it?

Author: Christine Bell August 16, 2021 In Security
Sneak in theft: What is it? Sneak in theft is a surprisingly common problem. They actually account for around one in four burglaries in West Yorkshire. It is exactly as it sounds; a theft by someone sneaking in. This is […]

The real cost of cheap home security cameras

Author: Christine Bell August 2, 2021 In Security
Cheap home security cameras are the obvious choice for saving money, aren’t they? Well… no, they’re not. Cheap shoes fall apart quickly, a decent pair will last you for miles. It’s much better to look for good value home security […]

Moving House: A Home Security Checklist

Author: Christine Bell July 26, 2021 In Security
A Moving House checklist for your home security arrangements Moving house is commonly cited as one of the most stressful things you can do. A checklist can help to stop the overwhelming number of tasks spiralling out of control. Lots […]

Security Cameras for Wedding Venues

Author: Christine Bell July 19, 2021 In Security
Planning a wedding? Security cameras at wedding venues aren’t traditionally on a bride’s radar, but CCTV should be top of your wedding venue’s priority list. Security cameras are vital for wedding venues. They help to keep your staff and customers […]

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