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Moving House: A Home Security Checklist

Author: Christine Bell July 26, 2021 In Security
A Moving House checklist for your home security arrangements Moving house is commonly cited as one of the most stressful things you can do. A checklist can help to stop the overwhelming number of tasks spiralling out of control. Lots […]

Security Cameras for Wedding Venues

Author: Christine Bell July 19, 2021 In Security
Planning a wedding? Security cameras at wedding venues aren’t traditionally on a bride’s radar, but CCTV should be top of your wedding venue’s priority list. Security cameras are vital for wedding venues. They help to keep your staff and customers […]

Tech support for CCTV

Author: Christine Bell July 13, 2021 In Security
Our CCTV installations include aftercare support which our customers rave about. And it’s no surprise! Most people need tech support for CCTV at some stage. This could be because you’ve updated your device, or it might be that you need […]

Alarm Going Off In A Power Cut?

Author: Christine Bell July 6, 2021 In Security
If your alarm is going off in a power cut, it’s a sign that there is a problem with the system. A regularly maintained intruder alarm should not ring during a power cut. We provide our customers with comprehensive maintenance […]

5 Brilliant ways to use your home security app

Author: Christine Bell June 28, 2021 In Security
You’re probably not using your home security app to it’s potential. Here’s how to get the most from your smart burglar alarm. 5 Brilliant ways to use your home security app 1. Manage How Your Alarm Is Set Now that […]

Burglar Alarms Ilkley

Author: Christine Bell June 9, 2021 In Security
Keybury have been installing burglar alarms in Ilkley for almost 40 years. As I drove past the Craiglands yesterday I was reminded of our “30th birthday” celebrations held there in 2012. And now plans are afoot for our upcoming 40th! […]

Backlit Bell Box: It’s time to give your burglar alarm a facelift.

Author: Christine Bell May 21, 2021 In Security
Rise and shine it’s time to get glowing! It’s time to give your burglar alarm a facelift with a bell box upgrade. Your intruder alarm is your best line of defence against burglars. It will go off if anyone attempts […]

Summer house, Shed or Garden room? Tips for securing your garden buildings

Author: Christine Bell May 14, 2021 In Security
A summer house is this year’s must have garden accessory. Whilst we’ve all been following the “stay at home rules” many people have taken the opportunity to upgrade their homes and gardens. Lots have opted to build an summer house […]

Burglar Alarm Installation: A guide

Author: Christine Bell April 27, 2021 In Security
Burglar Alarm Installation: the very thought might make you flinch. But fear not! It’s not as complicated, messy or expensive as you might imagine. We have almost forty years experience in burglar alarm installation, so we’ve produced a handy step […]

Home CCTV Installation Leeds

Author: Christine Bell April 21, 2021 In Security
Home CCTV Installation Leeds – Are you looking for a local CCTV installer to protect your home in the Leeds area? Look no further. Keybury are your local, approved, reliable West Yorkshire based home CCTV installation company. We have been […]