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Video Intercom: Multifunctional, Slick & Smart

Author: Christine Bell February 8, 2021 In Security
Video Intercom: Multifunctional, Slick & Smart Video intercom systems provide high security access control. They keep you safe and offer convenience to the user as well as safety features. We are installing the new generation video intercom. This is multifunctional, […]

What Do The Latest Crime Figures Really Tell Us?

Author: Christine Bell February 5, 2021 In Security
What do the latest crime figures really tell us? Good news from the latest crime figures There’s quite a buzz about the latest crime figures released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS). These figures show drop in recorded crime. […]

Are Burglars Flouting “Stay At Home” Rules?

Author: Christine Bell January 22, 2021 In Security
Are Burglars flouting “stay at home” rules? Home owners are being warned to lockdown their home security as burglars flout “stay at home” rules. Burglars don’t stick to basic rules like “don’t take other people’s belongings” and “treat people with […]

Remote Surveys

Author: Christine Bell January 11, 2021 In Security
Remote surveys Remote surveys have become increasingly popular since we first went into lockdown back in March 2020. It’s easy to see why! Many people are once again shielding but require a new or upgraded security system. We’re able to […]

5 Things Home CCTV Systems Can Do To Improve Your Day

Author: Christine Bell December 18, 2020 In Security
5 things Home CCTV systems can do to improve your day Home CCTV systems are excellent for home security. BUT they can do so much more for you! Indeed many of our customers have told us heartwarming stories of how […]

Intruder Alarms

Author: Christine Bell December 11, 2020 In Security
Intruder Alarms Intruder alarms are the original and the best home security solution. They’re recommended by the police and neighbourhood watch groups and often a requirement of insurers. Consumers are confronted by a huge array of home security options so […]

What Does NSI Gold Mean?

Author: Christine Bell December 4, 2020 In Security
What does NSI Gold mean? Keybury are NSI Gold approved. We’ve never settled for second best so at the risk of sounding like a well known advert, we’re not just NSI approved; we’re NSI GOLD approved. Why do we mention […]

“We Don’t Set The House Alarm Because We Have A Dog.” – And 16 Other Excuses That Are Putting Your Home Security At Risk.

Author: Christine Bell November 29, 2020 In Security
We’ve been in the home security business for just shy of 39 years now. And we still can’t believe it when someone says “Oh I don’t set the house alarm…”. People blame the kids, the dog and even spiders. We’ve […]

Fever Screening Solutions

Author: Christine Bell November 24, 2020 In Security
Fever screening solutions Fever screening solutions keep your business working safely. 2020 has brought out the best in innovators across all technologies. There are now solutions to problems which didn’t exist 12 months ago. Mask detection cameras offer an automated […]

My business is temporarily closed due to the lockdown. Do I still need to have my fire alarm service visit?

Author: Christine Bell November 16, 2020 In Security
Has your business been temporarily closed due to the second national lockdown? If so, you’re probably juggling a lot of things right now. Whether you’re managing furlough or taking your business online, it could be easy to forget the routine […]