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Installing A Wireless Home Alarm System: Should You Do It Yourself?

Author: Christine Bell May 16, 2022 In Security
Are you considering Installing a wireless home alarm system to protect your home? Good idea! Several studies tell us that a home alarm system can improve your home security. One survey of of ex convicts said 71% were put off […]

Reaction to the latest figures on crime

Author: Christine Bell May 3, 2022 In Security
The latest figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) have caused concern across the district. These figures are routinely published, and give a picture of crime levels across the country. We have enjoyed lower overall crime rates during the […]

Planning for summer with home security

Author: Christine Bell April 21, 2022 In Security
We’re planning for summer with home security advice. Summer is approaching with bank holidays galore and lots of days out and holidays to look forward to. With so many opportunities for leaving the house, Keybury’s team of experts have got […]

Access Control Systems for Schools

Author: Christine Bell April 14, 2022 In Security
Access Control Systems for schools’ safety and security. Access control systems prevent unauthorised access to property, and are a popular safeguarding system for primary schools, secondary schools and colleges. As anyone in education will know, there is no “one size […]

If there’s no bell box… what’s the deterrent?

Author: Christine Bell March 24, 2022 In Security
If there’s no bell box… what’s the deterrent? DIY alarm systems do sometimes come without an external bell box. Some alarm system installers are actually fitting alarms without an external bell box too. This can cut costs. It cuts corners… […]

ANPR Cameras for Business

Author: Christine Bell March 17, 2022 In Security
ANPR cameras are a powerful tool for business. These cameras are specifically designed to read and recognise number plates. The commonly used acronym ANPR stands for Automatic Number Plate Recognition. This type of camera is seen in many places including […]

Upgrading to HD CCTV

Author: Christine Bell February 24, 2022 In Security
Upgrading to HD CCTV is like getting a pair of reading glasses after years of struggling with blurry writing. How long ago was your CCTV system installed? Many businesses first had CCTV installed in their premises ten or twenty years […]

Installing CCTV in the Yorkshire Dales

Author: Christine Bell February 4, 2022 In Security
Keybury have been installing CCTV in the Yorkshire Dales for decades; 2022 marks our 40th year in business. In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of people looking to install security cameras, especially in rural areas. […]

Crime Rates Rise as Restrictions Ease – Trends & Analysis of Latest Data

Author: Christine Bell January 28, 2022 In Security
The latest data release on crime in England and Wales tells us how different areas of crime have fared over the past 12 months. Overall, the data shows that many areas of crime reduce during lockdown conditions. However it does […]

Homes left empty as millions urged to return to the office

Author: Christine Bell January 21, 2022 In Security
Homes will be left empty for the first time in months – or even years – as millions of people are urged to return to the office. The government have announced the end the Plan B restrictions which included the […]