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How up to date is your CCTV? Why businesses should invest in upgrading CCTV systems at their premises

Author: Christine Bell May 20, 2024 In Security
CCTV systems have become an essential tool for many businesses in safeguarding their premises and assets. However, technology advancements have led to the development of more advanced and efficient systems that offer better security measures. Investing in upgrading CCTV systems […]

6 ways to stop things getting stolen from your garden shed

Author: Christine Bell May 13, 2024 In Security
Having something stolen from your garden shed is pretty rubbish. Everyone keeps such a variety of things in there these days. So it’s no surprise they’re such a hot target for thieves. Summer is just around the corner so we’re […]

How effective are home CCTV systems?

Author: Christine Bell May 7, 2024 In Security
Home CCTV systems can be effective in deterring burglars and providing evidence in case of a break-in. However, their effectiveness can depend on several factors, such as the quality of the system, it’s placement, and the level of monitoring and […]

Protect your… Car! Home Alarm with Car Defender

Author: Christine Bell April 29, 2024 In Security
Now your Keybury home alarm can protect your car. How? With a clever device called The Car Defender. Yes it’s Gladiator-esq name is warranted. Read on to find out why… Car defender to Protect Your Car The Car defender connects […]

Can your business afford to not have a security system?

Author: Christine Bell April 22, 2024 In Security
A business security system requires an investment – is it one you can afford not to make? According to fsb, over 4 million small firms in England and Wales affected by at least one crime in the last two years […]

Home burglaries: What you need to know

Author: Christine Bell April 15, 2024 In Security
New data from the office of national statistics gives us an insight into home burglaries, and what can be done to prevent them. These data for the year ending March 2023 show trends over the last decade as well as […]

Pros and cons of a wireless home security system

Author: Christine Bell April 8, 2024 In Security
Are you considering a wireless home security system? They’re a popular option because – as you might have guessed – there’s lots of time and mess saved by removing the need to run wires. So what’s not to love? We […]

3 BIG benefits of a home intruder alarm system

Author: Christine Bell April 2, 2024 In Security
A home intruder alarm system offers several key benefits that contribute to the overall safety and security of your residence. Here are three big benefits of a home intruder alarm system What does your Home Intruder Alarm System say to […]

Easter Holidays

Author: Christine Bell March 25, 2024 In Security
Easter holidays are here (or almost here, depending on which school your children attend!). Whilst you might be planning for Easter eggs hunts, burglars will be on their own sort of treasure trail. Homeowners; beware of sneaky security risks and […]

Heritage Crime

Author: Christine Bell March 18, 2024 In Security
Heritage Crime has hit the headlines following a report highlighting how historical sites are suffering. Historic England published details of research carried out in collaboration with members of the Alliance to Reduce Crime Against Heritage (ARCH) and the National Police […]