bank holiday weekend securityBank holiday Weekend Security

Bank holiday weekend is upon us. There’s a pretty good chance it will rain. Whilst the global pandemic has limited international travel, lots of us are heading off on “staycations” and making the most of the Great British Seaside. If you’re going away or just heading out for the day, here’s a few simple steps to leaving your home secure this bank holiday weekend.        

Good Neighbours

Your neighbours are a wonderful asset. They’ll keep an eye on your property when you’re away. Good neighbours will pop the bins out, take parcels in and if, like in the theme tune, your good neighbours have become good friends they’re a good option for key holders. Consider joining your local neighbour hood watch scheme. Lots of our customers are members of their local neighbourhood watch group. If there isn’t yet one in your area it’s simple to set one up. Head over to  

bank holiday weekend security

Locks and Clocks

It’s still August but it’s already dusky by 8.30pm. Consider using timers to make your house look less empty. Check that the time on your alarm panel is correct and the time and date displayed on your CCTV is accurate. If you’re going away for longer than the bank holiday weekend remember to cancel regular deliveries such as milk, veg box and newspapers. Make sure you’ve not got an amazon delivery due to arrive whilst you’re away. As well as making sure all the doors and windows are locked, you should check that your garage, shed and gates are locked up too. You might want to leave a spare key with someone you trust, just in case. If you have a monitored alarm system, check that the details of your keyholder are up to date before you go.  

Use your Security Systems

Set your alarm whether you’re going out for 10 minutes or away for 10 days. If you have a smart alarm it will send you real-time notifications from your system. This can have added benefits. I recently spoke to a customer who has one of our smart alarm systems. He was going away on holiday. The customer explained that the alarm would not only provide security for his home, it would also protect his freezer full of food. How? Well, if there was a power cut, then his alarm app would notify him and he could ask a neighbour save the frozen food. Fantastic!

bank holiday weekend security

Enjoy your Carefree Summer Bank Holiday Weekend!

Our team are on call throughout the bank holiday weekend. If you need us call us on 01535 661197