CCTV systems have gained popularity over the past while, with many people visiting our site with a specific interest in surveillance for their home or business.  Today’s blog takes a look at the many benefits of CCTV and how it can be used for more than just crime prevention.

A CCTV camera is an obvious deterrent for those opportunist criminals.  This is a clear benefit for having a camera at your home or business, particularly in public areas where those opportunists may be passing by.  Aside from this, research has shown that people feel safer in areas that have surveillance as they know any incidents will be recorded and give them the evidence they may need to take action.  Having CCTV cameras in busy bars is also proven to make staff feel safer as they know security will be watching for those rowdier customers who may cause trouble.

Having CCTV in outdoor areas is also a great help, especially around this time of year when it is a lot darker for longer.  Cameras with infrared sensors are able to pick up clear images even in the pitch black.  At Keybury we can provide cameras that show you great quality HD (High Definition) images with no additional light source to ensure any area of your property can be monitored.   Detailed movement can be captured from 40 – 120 metres away.  This can also include vehicle number plate recognition in the dark which could prove invaluable!

The primary crime prevention and monitoring is the obvious reason most people choose to opt for a CCTV system, but have you thought about the other benefits?

Home CCTV is now much more common as the costs have significantly decreased in recent years.  Many people now spend more time away from their homes and look for that peace of mind that their house is still safe.  Personal monitoring of your home is a great way to reassure you that everything is how you left it, as you can now view your CCTV camera footage live via the internet on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.  This gives you the option of seeing your home from wherever you are in the world, providing you have a broadband connection.   If you notice something suspicious, simply get in touch with a contact back at home to go round and check for you, or directly inform the police.

In businesses, CCTV cameras can have many uses to improve efficiency in the workplace and improve staff morale.  Particularly in larger premises, it could be difficult for you to find staff members that you need, by having CCTV across offices you can quickly locate the person you require rather than having to manually check each area.   Similar uses for cameras in retail or service industries can help management identify the arrival of customers and how long they are waiting before being seen to by a member of staff.  This is a very useful management tool to help you keep on top of your level of customer service.

Witnessing how staff work also gives management the opportunity to identify areas of the workplace that employees do not seem happy with, and find ways to improve work satisfaction.

Some shopping centres have taken these surveillance uses a step further and also use their cameras for marketing purposes.  By noting which entrances and areas of the shopping centre see the most footfall, and even the gender and age group these people fall into, they are able to display their products in the right area in order to attract the most of their target market.

These are just a few of the many uses CCTV can be tailored for.  Our highly trained CCTV system designers can help you decide on the right system for you and your home or business to achieve your own goals.  Each person has a different reason for wanting a CCTV system and it is important you think about the needs of your premises in order to get the most out of your investment.

You can find out more about what we offer on our CCTV pages for home and business or read some more information in our resources section.

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