This Saturday is Bonfire Night so we’ve put together some top tips to help you stay safe around the fireworks and festivities.

With so many exposed flames around it is very important to keep yourself, family and friends safe. Take care around bonfires, fireworks and sparklers.

Fire extinguishers are advisable to have on hand when risk of fire is involved, but if you do not have one at your home, ensure you have a bucket of water nearby to extinguish sparklers and for safety in case fireworks or the bonfire get out of hand. Water is a suitable extinguisher alternative for small, home bonfires and displays.


Here are some more items which should be on hand before you start your fireworks display.

– Metal box with lid for storing fireworks during your display.
– Torch for checking instructions.
– Taper for lighting fireworks.
– Bucket of water for emergencies.
– Bucket or other container of soft earth to place spent fireworks in.
– Rigid, flat, non-flammable surface for flat bottomed fireworks.
– Supports or launches for Catherine wheels or rockets.

Also remember the general Bonfire Safety rules, such as holding sparklers at arm’s length, be in an open area away from buildings and trees, keep pets indoors, ensure all fires are out at the end of the night and of course make sure that any fireworks are safety standard approved.

If you are having a larger fireworks display or bonfire, it may be required for you to have the appropriate fire extinguishers on site.  If you would like further information about what fire safety equipment may be required or to order fire extinguishers, please get in touch with our office by calling 01535 66 11 97 or through our contact page.