Are you looking at buying fire extinguishers?

Buying Fire Extinguishers Online

Buying fire extinguishers online can be misleading. The initial price may look cheap enough but additional costs then add up so that in the end you pay a lot more than initially expected.

It’s important to check that the product you’re buying online meets British Standards.

The initial price of a fire extinguisher bought online will very rarely include the delivery of the item. They’re big and heavy and have to be transported carefully. All this means that delivery of these items isn’t cheap. Once you’ve paid for the item and the delivery charge, you’ll then need someone to put it in the right place within your premises. This might mean fitting it on a bracket on the wall, in a cabinet or on a stand.

The next hurdle will be to find and pay someone with the correct training to commission your fire extinguishers, so that you know they’ll be ready for use when you need them.

And don’t forget the fire extinguisher signs.

Fire Extinguishers from Keybury

Choosing an approved service provider will ensure you know the complete cost for the supply of your fire extinguishers from the outset.

At Keybury, we supply, commission and service fire extinguishers and have done for many years. Our team includes a number of experienced fire safety engineers. We provide training for our team through the Keybury Academy as well as industry standard FIA training.

Our price includes the supply, delivery and commissioning of fire extinguishers manufactured to British Standards for your peace of mind.

The extinguishers are delivered to your property and sited correctly, including fitting whether fixed onto a wall, a bracket, or a stand. Fire extinguisher signage is also included.

We fully commission the extinguisher to ensure it is ready for use when you need it, and for all extinguishers fit by our team we provide 12 months warranty. We will even remove and correctly dispose of expired fire extinguishers.

That’s peace of mind.

Contact us for a quote to supply your fire extinguishers on 01535 661197 or