CCTV systems have become much more common in recent years as camera technology becomes more affordable and homes and businesses take a greater interest in security.

Analogue CCTV systems have generally been most popular due to their ease of use and lower cost.  Unfortunately, as technology advances these systems tend to get left behind, and new systems providing much higher quality images are much more desirable.  Image quality is an important factor and a drawback of analogue CCTV, particularly if you require detailed images.  Analogue cameras had the capability to reach a maximum resolution of 704 x 420 pixels, which is much less than IP cameras which can provide full HD 1080p images.

As is the case with most technology, keeping up to date with the latest advances can be an expensive job, but a new product on the market could be the answer to those who are thinking of a CCTV upgrade for their analogue system without losing out on their investment…

Based on HD TVI (High Definition Transfer Video Interface) technology, a Turbo HD Analogue Solution has been developed. This revolutionary technology allows owners of analogue systems to upgrade to High Definition 1080p resolution images without having to get a whole new system or rewire their existing cables, saving you time and money!  Turbo HD Analogue Solution enables up to 500 metres 1080p video transmission over coax and offers seamless compatibility with traditional SD cameras, IP cameras and HD TVI compliant cameras and DVRs.  It also retains the ease of use that comes with an analogue system.

A conventional system will obviously struggle to achieve this level of image quality, and even HD SDI solutions would be limited in terms of transmission distance capability, so this is a perfect solution to fit all requirements.

Key Features of Turbo HD Analogue Solution

  • Real time HD video output at HD 1080p/HD 720p maximum frame rate 60 fps.  Enhanced HD video quality images.
  • Open HD TVI technology for third party device compatibility.  Offers seamless compatibility with various third party cameras for better flexibility.
  • Tribrid system (Turbo HD, IP and Analogue) for maximum expansion needs.  Turbo HD DVR supports network cameras, analogue cameras and turbo HD cameras simultaneously.
  • Easy to upgrade existing system – simply replace the existing camera and DVR with turbo analogue solution, no rewiring.
  • Up to 500 metres HD transmission via coaxial cable.

Key Features of Turbo HD DVRs

  • Dual stream video compression
  • Supports both HD and analogue cameras with adaptive access
  • Support HD TVI/Analogue/IP camera triple hybrid
  • Full channel 720p resolution real time recording
  • HDMI and VGA output up to 1080p resolution
  • Long transmission distance over coax cable.

Keybury are happy to be able to offer this new technology as it will benefit many customers looking to upgrade their systems in a way that is quick and affordable.

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