As the dark evenings begin to return, it is a good time to ensure your home security is ready for the Winter.

Break ins tend to be more common as the nights grow longer. Specific dates in Winter see spikes in criminal activity, such as Halloween, Bonfire night and the run up to Christmas. Over these days, more people are spending time away from home, meeting up with friends and family or attending festive events.

Remember to keep your home secure at all times, but particularly over the next few months.

– Keep your door locked when you come in for the evening, as many burglaries happen without any forced entry, simply due to opportunity.

– As Christmas presents begin to stack up, don’t store them in view, for instance under Christmas trees by windows. Burglars will know the common storage places for gifts, so try to make access more difficult, for example in the attic rather than an easy access cupboard.

– Don’t forget to lock up sheds and garages. In the colder weather sheds tend to get visited less often and sometimes forgotten about. Many people store valuable tools and equipment in sheds, tools could also be used to gain access to your home.

– Security alarms give added protection to homes and businesses, particularly with additional monitoring. Alarms give you the peace of mind that your home is secure while you are away, and can even act as a deterrent to possible burglars, who may opt for houses which look less protected.

It is this time of year when homeowners need to be extra vigilant, it’s a sad fact but a stark reality of life that the open season for burglars has arrived. However, there are ways and means open to householders to help reduce the risk of burglaries.

CCTV is becoming more prominent across homes and businesses, and the latest technologies make light work of these dark nights. By upgrading your CCTV to High Definition, night vision cameras you can see your premises clearly without any external light source. This means that even the number plate on a car parked in a dark area can be read clearly. With older CCTV it may not have even been possible to see the car at all.

There are many options to make the dark nights less of an advantage to burglars, so get in touch today to arrange a survey to discuss your home or business security.