Keybury Dream Team day 2019
It’s that time of year…

team day 2019

…Team day 2019!

The Keybury Team Day is an opportunity to get the whole team together for fun team building activities and an opportunity to reflect on our shared vision and values. The team day first took place in 2013 and has now become an annual event. Each individual team regularly meets, however this is one day when absolutely everyone comes together.

Anyone who follows our social media pages may have seen videos or photos of our previous events. There have been throwing, balancing and puzzling events.

Team day 2019 took place at Valley Parade. This is not a new venue to us as many of our team have worked on the systems on site and attended matches at the ground. Bradford City Football Club were brilliant hosts.

  photo finish  

For 2019, our team building games were provided by CCC Events. They set us challenges to test our teamwork, problem solving and practical skills. The team impressed by throwing themselves into the activities with a no holds barred approach. The results were lots of collaborative work, conversation and negotiation along with posing, laughing and juggling.

Our team were especially good at working together, working dynamically and of course the final challenge: tidying up! This is something our customers often comment on and we’re proud to have the reputation as the cleanest security company around.

A few pictures have already made it onto our social media pages, but here’s a little video we made of the highlights:

James Mason of FiveNine Agency continued the team theme with an interesting talk with both Jamie Lawrence and Gary Jones. These ex footballers spoke about their experience in different teams and shared their understanding of what makes a successful team. They talked about everyone having a role to play and how vital this is for the success of the whole team.

team day talk

The Keybury team has grown since 1982 and many of our staff have been with the company since the ’90s and ’00s. We even have some longer standing staff members who’ve been on the team since the 80s. As our customer base continues to grow so does our team, we’re proud to bring new people into the company and provide high quality training to ensure they deliver the service that our customers can rely on.

If you’d like the Keybury dream team to look after your fire protection services or your security systems get in touch!