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Keybury Going Green

Are you concerned about keeping your home and business safe without it costing the earth? Are you looking for environmentally conscious friendly security? Do you need eco friendly fire protection for your premises? Look no further. Keybury are known for being the local go-to firm for fire and security solutions. Our long standing reputation as a trustworthy and reliable family firm speaks for itself. What you may not know is that we are also an environmentally conscious company. The plight of our planet was brought to the forefront of people’s mind by programmes by David Attenborough. We’ve seen the ‘plastic patch’ in the oceans and the effect plastic pollution is having on wildlife locally and across the world. More people are now consider their own personal carbon footprint and plastic footprint. If you are one of these people, read on…
Keybury was established in 1982. We have been doing our bit for the environment for many years and we’re adding new eco-friendly measures all the time.

Wireless systems reduce plastic

Wireless systems reduce the amount of plastic required for the wiring between devices. If you’re looking for an eco friendly security system, ask about a wireless system.  
At Keybury head office, we have an abundance of recycling receptacles. We recycle all the cardboard boxes that our equipment comes in as well as recycling old parts as much as possible. We have a W.E.E.E. bin to recycle waste electronic equipment. W.E.E.E. stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. This covers almost anything from plugs to circuit boards. We use this to recycle as much electrical equipment as possible. Engineers always check the system battery as part of the routine service. Where the battery in your intruder alarm or your fire alarm needs to be replaced, the old battery is removed and we recycle it. We also remove and recycle the old extinguishers whenever our engineers replace spent fire extinguishers.  
We increased our recycling and reduced our general waste further than ever in 2018. One of our team is a volunteer ‘recycling champion’ for the local council. She has encouraged staff to rethink their single-use items. Lots of our team bring their lunch from home in reusable containers.  Further to this our offices do not have any water fountain or single use cups, crockery or cutlery. Instead we use water from the tap and wash up our cups and forks.
Operations Manager Tom has led the drive to become a paperless office. He has led the implementation of lots of new technology at Keybury. We use screens rather than paper and email documents to customers as much as possible. Any paper we do use is securely shredded and recycled.

You can help to save paper by updating your details with us.

Just email with your up to date email address and phone number.  
We invested in solar panels when we moved to our new head office in 2014. These are great for the environment. They reduce fossil fuels and not only power our office but also feed into the national grid. Do you use a renewable energy supplier? Your power could be coming from our roof!  
Keybury always look to reduce our carbon foot print. One of the ways we do this is choosing environmentally friendly vehicles. We have one hybrid car on the fleet at present with and a charging point at head office. This means even some of our vehicles are powered by our solar panels. Many of our office based staff walk to work or car sharing.  We plan our engineers’ work by area which cuts down on unnecessary driving and reduces the fuel used. Again this reduces our carbon footprint.

If you’re looking for fire protection and security solutions from a local environmentally conscious firm; look no further.