Fire Risk Assessment

Are you tired of complicated, hard to read fire risk assessments and mounds of paperwork?

Our Keybury Fire Risk Assessment App could make things more organised for you and your business with its innovative web-based Fire Risk Assessment compliance solution.

The risk assessment is carried out using a tablet and if original plans are available they can be uploaded to the report. Any issues identified during the assessment can be logged on the plans; in addition, photos can be uploaded to highlight the issues in more detail.

The tool provides the flexibility to set up more than one user with authority to access the fire risk assessment report. Differing levels of access can be set up unique to each user, for example full administration access can be given to the business owner so they can update the report as they work through any actions, however other users may just be given viewing access only (such as a contractor who has been appointed to rectify some of the issues). It is also possible for businesses with multiple sites to give access to the regional manager to allow them to monitor the fire safety at each site.

The online portal may be used by the business to record their regular legal responsibilities such as weekly fire alarm tests. Reminders can be setup to send an email alert to a designated person should these responsibilities become overdue. If these alerts are overlooked an escalation email can notify another user.

Fire Risk Assessment App

If your business would benefit from the versatility of maintaining your documents in one online portal, contact us today to find out more.

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