In an article earlier this year from the Hinckley Times in Leicestershire, it appears burglar alarm con men are still tricking people into expensive decisions under the false promises of FREE burglar alarms.


“Con artists who promise bargain burglar alarms but who are actually attempting to trick people into an expensive monitoring contract are operating in the borough. Trading standards officers are warning householders to beware of the scam which has been reported by residents in both Hinckley and Barwell.”

The scam involves the cold callers convincing people that they are from the police, or police recommended and are offering free burglar alarms in the area due to a recent increase in crime.

“However, when a salesman visits it transpires the alarm might be a bargain but there is a £3,000 fee for a monitoring contract.”

Alan Cook, a crime reduction officer for Leicestershire Police, said: “The police do not recommend any company or individual, nor do they endorse any company or individual.

You can read the full article here:

Only a couple of years ago there was a similar scam running in West Yorkshire, proving that although these types of companies tend to move on quickly, other scams soon appear offering similar deals under different company names.

There are many con men warning signs that come with an offer than sounds ‘too good to be true’.

There is no such things as a FREE burglar alarm. On national averages, industry approved basic home burglar alarms generally cost below £500. Keybury currently provide a basic home system for £425 including VAT.

Con men also tend to prey on the vulnerable or elderly, putting pressure on them to make decisions there and then and telling them about recent burglaries in the area. Police would tell you that often fear of crime is a bigger problem than crime itself. So anyone who operates by first building up your fear has no morals and should not be let over your doorstep.  These type of scams have been around even longer than Keybury has, and by the look of this latest news article they are still a problem to be aware of.

If you are considering an alarm, you should take your time and research approved companies to ensure you are getting a quality service. Get two or three quotes from an approved installer in a body such as NSI, NACOSS Gold. Then speak to people you know who have an alarm system and get testimonial references.

Approved security companies, such as Keybury, do not cold call. You should always be wary of cold callers and never sign contracts without having time to think through your options.

So in summary: If you want an alarm get three quotes, choose an approved company with a body such as the NSI, ask for testimonials, don’t pay up front and see if your insurer is happy with the system; insurers may even offer you a discount if your home has a police compliant alarm system.

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