The Police .. that’s who.

Home Security Cameras “More homeowners should install CCTV cameras outside their houses.” – Bernard Hogan-Howe, head of London Met Police. Research shows that CCTV cameras can have the biggest deterrent effect in pre-planned burglaries and may stop your home ever becoming a target in the first place.

Therefore when buying a home CCTV system consider our 5 top tips:

home security cameras the tips
  • Resolution – Don’t scrimp on image quality – 4K all the way
  • Digital Recording – Don’t just view it – record it.
  • Get App Control – See your home from your phone
  • Night Vision – You don’t need to eat carrots just get night-vision CCTV.
  • Privacy Masking – Recording another property can get you in hot water.


Image is Everything

We recommend you take notice of the actual resolution of home security cameras which determines the final quality of your images. Be careful not to fall for catchy headlines – Megapixel, Ultra Sharp, HD Ready etc. The image to the right gives you an idea. Ask, “So what exactly is the resolution? … Give me a number.”


What happened to my clear live image?

Remember that the quality of your final image is as good as the weakest link in the whole system. Ask about the final image quality and what compression is taking place. You are not going to get 4K play-back but it can be fantastic quality. Best idea? … Ask to see some real recorded-images.


Want to see home when you’re away? We’ve got an app for that.

We recommend you take advantage of the CCTV app. You can see your home from your phone and select cameras to check all areas of the house. Plus – receive email notifications when movement is detected. Get a snapshot to your phone when somebody walks on your drive .. How cool is that? To read more click [CCTV on your Smartphone]


Good in the day is all very well ..

Having great images is a must but what time of day might they be needed most? Night-time is right and when there’s very little light around that’s the biggest challenge for domestic CCTV – a challenge many systems fail. Any lighting will help but a wise choice is a colour / mono camera which just means when it’s too dark for a colour image you get black and white.


Recording too much can get you in trouble!

Home security cameras were previously not covered under the Data-Protection Act – last December that all changed. An EU ruling said that homeowners recording beyond their property are no longer exempt from the law. So, if you don’t want to end up in hot water insist on ‘Privacy Masking’. You can digitally block out areas you don’t need to see.
[Domestic Data Protection Act Advice]

home cctv recap
  • Gonna start a resolution – 4K all the way
  • Seeing is believing but recording is proof – Get a DVR
  • APPen you should be able to see home on your phone
  • You don’t have to be an elite soldier to have ‘Night Vision’.
  • Live in a nice ‘Private’ area? It needs to stay that way!