On a Tuesday in July as the country was faced with the hottest day of the year so far, with the mercury topping thirty degrees, the Keybury Team came together  for our fourth annual Team-Day.

Here at Keybury we continually work to deliver our customers first class products and services and having a first class team is paramount to achieve this goal.  We work throughout the year to develop our staff through training, both on-the-job and classroom based and then once a year we bring the whole team together.

This year we were split into eight groups to attempt to create a ‘Chain Reaction’. The groups mirrored our own company set up, with each ‘team’ or department having its own task to complete. On the day these tasks ranged from using dominoes and pendulums, or creating a catapult, or a Jenga tower, or even a land yacht. Although some individual tasks were relatively simple, others were more challenging such as the catapult which required the collaboration of all the teams to achieve the successful outcome. All different skills were needed to complete the tasks, from Johnny and Jarlath’s newfound sail building skills, to Neal’s dynamite expertise and Georgia’s Jenga know-how to give just the right amount of wobble!. The key to the success of the whole project was the ability of each team to communicate with those working before them who were feeding the reaction into their area and those working in the next team who would be receiving the energy from their task. With the help of Mort’s supervisory skills, each team was able to successfully pass on the reaction to reach the overall goal of the explosion at the end!

The Chain Reaction task was a great way to think about how we work each day within the organisation. We are made up of six separate departments, each with their own tasks to complete, from booking an appointment and preparing the paperwork, to installing and commissioning a system. Each individual task is important but it is essential to remember that each tasks feeds into another area (another team) and it is important to communicate effectively and ensure that the right information or ‘energy’ is passed to the next department to ensure that the ball hits the domino, switches on the remote control car or releases the zip wire to keep the chain reaction going.

We will continue to develop the team and provide our customers with outstanding customer service but after catapults, giant Jenga, explosions and so on – what on earth will we do next year?