Landlines are being phased out in a national switch to all IP. This has a ripple effect on anything that relies on landlines, including some types of intruder alarm monitoring.

Keybury’s expert team are working hard to ensure that our customers enjoy uninterrupted peace of mind throughout this period and beyond. We’ve compiled some FAQs to help guide our customers through the journey to all IP.

Are landlines being phased out in the UK?

Landlines will continue to work, however the technology they currently use is being phased out in the UK. Openreach are currently switching off the UK’s PSTN – that is the public switched telephone network. We’re all having our communications upgraded from analogue to digital or “all IP”.

When will landlines be phased out in the UK?

The technology powering traditional “landlines” will be phased out by 2025. There isn’t a published schedule for which providers are switching off which areas when, or the order that they are working through. All phone line providers are working to an end date of 2025. This means that by 2025 all analogue phone lines will be switched off. However the phone line providers are all working at different rates. Providers have millions of phone lines to switch from analogue to IP in homes and businesses across the country. So it’s no surprise that many of them are already well on their way with rolling out the changes for their customers.

What has this got to do with my intruder alarm?

It’s a good question. One people ask a lot! Only systems which rely on the phone line to send intruder signals will be affected.

Your phone line provider will contact you to tell you when they are making the change. They advise you to contact your security company. At this point, you will have a short period of time to change your monitoring. However, you don’t need to wait for your provider to contact you. You can be proactive and find out the available options today.

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