This week, with the clocks going forwards and lighter nights arriving, the Police have been highlighting the risk to homeowners as the latest figures show that one in three burglaries are as a result of homes that are insecure.

One of the best ways to ensure your home is protected is to use a quality intruder alarm system that protects all external doors and downstairs rooms which can be set when leaving home or going to bed.

If you live in a home built after 2000, you may have an alarm which was installed at the time the house was built. Although these systems can be very effective if properly maintained, often they do not have adequate battery supply or regular servicing and as such will sound after a short power failure. If you have one of these systems and would like to have it maintained or upgraded, contact us today for more information. A good quality, well maintained alarm system should be unaffected by a power failure for up to 8 hours.

Alarms and CCTV systems used in the right place can be a strong deterrent to burglars looking to target properties for easy access.

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