Neighbourhood watch started in 1982 – just like Keybury! Neighbourhood watch is a voluntary crime prevention group which encourages communities to come together for the good of the neighbourhood. They’re best known for crime prevention advice but their remit extends beyond this, to building community cohesion and tackling loneliness. It still offers burglary prevention advice. This now sits alongside advice on cyber crime and being an active bystander.

Many of the neighbourhood watch values align with our own here at Keybury. They include neighbourly, community focused, inclusive, proactive, trusted and collaborative. In addition to this, Keybury’s values include safe, reliable and innovative.

Neighbourhood watch inspired schemes

Other neighbourhood watch style schemes have evolved over time. The online watch link lists eighty different types of residential and business schemes across the country.

Rural watch is one scheme which aims to reinforce community spirit and improve communication as well as reduce opportunities for crime in rural North Yorkshire. Kirklees Rural Farm Watch shares updates about rural crime in the Colne, Holme and Dearne Valleys to help make rural Kirklees safer. Fields of Vision Rural Intelligence neighbourhood watch group won an award for their work in rural Worth Valley. These groups are effective in achieving their aims.

VOLUNTEER rural watch groups have been praised by the police after a string of results surrounding thefts in Craven has resulted in thieves being caught and high-value vehicles being recovered.

Craven Herald Aug 2022

Other neighbourhood watch style groups have emerged using social media. These are often closed social media groups which cover a specific street or area. They allow neighbours to share information which may help to reduce crime, and build community. Apps and other websites are emerging which also provide this link with neighbours. If you’re a member of such a group, it’s a good idea to avoid sharing too much personal information.

Good Neighbours

Connecting with neighbours is an excellent way to improve your home security. You can watch out for each other, and are more likely to notice when something is out of the ordinary. Do you let your neighbours know if you spot something unusual at their property?

Neighbours can help with day to day things like taking in a parcel and putting the bins out. This can be even more helpful than you might first imagine. One survey found that 1 in 3 stolen parcels were taken from doorsteps.

Are you a member of your local neighbourhood watch group or an online neighbourhood crime prevention group? Does it help you to feel safer and more secure?

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