Fire safety equipment and regulations are regularly reviewed in order to keep information up to date.  One of the more recent changes to have been put in place is the advice surrounding powder fire extinguishers.

Powder fire extinguishers used to be advised as a multi use option.  They are suitable for different types of fires and materials so were seen as a good solution to cover many eventualities.  However, new advice has now been put in place regarding when it is suitable to use powder extinguishers and when other types should be used in their place.

The main piece of advice is now that powder extinguishers should not be used indoors unless specified in a health and safety assessment.

This change in regulations has been put in place due to powder extinguishers causing reduced visibility indoors.  This could become a hazard if escape from the building is impaired.  As well as this, the amount of mess and possible damage of stock and equipment is also a factor in how practical powder extinguishers are indoors.

If you are unsure if your business has specific health and safety reasons for a powder extinguisher, the best advice is to not have one in your premises.  Alternatively, water extinguishers are best to be used for fires involving paper, wood, furniture etc, and carbon dioxide extinguishers are to be used on electrical fires.

Don’t forget, it is also important that staff are trained in the appropriate use of fire extinguishers and that all extinguishers are regularly checked for tamper or damage and professionally serviced once a year.

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