North Yorkshire Police have been urging residents in Harrogate, Skipton and other North Yorkshire areas to be vigilant with their security measures over the past few months after a spate of burglaries, particularly those known as “2 in 1”s, and an increase in bicycle theft.

A “2 in 1” burglary is when a thief breaks into your home, steals your car keys and then steals your car. More often than not they also steal other items while they are inside the home.

With the longer, darker evenings starting to draw in again, it’s time to think about keeping things safe through the winter. Keybury help a number of customers in North Yorkshire to secure their homes and keep themselves and their belongings safe.

Recently, we have carried out work in Harrogate, both domestic residences and a commercial hotel and had a large amount of work through the Broughton Hall Estate near Skipton, including upgrades and additions to a number of their buildings.

Not only does Keybury care for the area their business calls home, but also understands the North Yorkshire approach and the importance of high quality and good value for money.

North Yorkshire Police have written up some tips to help secure your home and also outbuildings and second homes. There are a number of second homes in North Yorkshire due to the beautiful surroundings, including the coast, North Yorks Moors and of course the Yorkshire Dales. Second homes are often attractive to thieves as they are unoccupied more regularly, neighbours may not pick up on unusual visitors as occupants tend to vary and these homes often contain valuable electrical equipment or bicycles.

We have picked out a few of the main points that are particularly worth paying attention to.

– Keep all windows and doors securely locked. Burglars are opportunists and are less likely to target you if there are obstacles in the way.

– Install exterior security lights, if your house is clearly visible it may deter thieves as they will be seen. Police studies have also shown that ‘Dusk til Dawn’ lighting is more effective in preventing crime than the usual triggered security lighting. They also use less energy than the strong triggered lighting and look more attractive.

– Keep tools/ladders locked away. These could be used to gain access to your property.

– Never leave a spare key in a convenient place. These are the first places thieves will look. Keeping car keys in a less obvious place is also a good idea in order to avoid “2 in 1” burglaries.

– Install locks on all outbuildings doors and windows – remember to use them.

– Make sure garage doors are lockable. ‘Up and Over’ doors are the most commonly broken into but can easily be made more secure by simply drilling a hole in the runner above the wheel, and snapping on a padlock to prevent the wheel from moving.

– Ensure bikes are locked away when you are not there.

– Take any valuables with you from a second home.

– Make sure the home looks “lived in”. For instance, set an alarm when you leave and perhaps get a light timer to give the appearance someone is home.

– Keep a note of all belongings there, perhaps consider marking them with your postcode and keeping a note of models and serial numbers.

You are 10 times more likely to be burgled if you do not have basic security measures in place. Why not give Keybury a call today to hear about what we can provide for your home, and get a free, no obligation quote.