PSIMs, or Physical Security Information Management, is software which has been around for almost 10 years, but it is only recently that the technology is becoming more readily available and gaining momentum.

This technology has been very successful in the USA and has been gaining popularity in the UK among the larger security firms and areas of higher security clearance, for example the British Transport Police.

The idea behind the security management software is to make security data more easily controlled, monitored and organised. Intruder alarms, door access control, CCTV cameras and fire alarms send back a large amount of data to control centres for operators to manage situations and react to any issues. The problem is that many of these systems send separate data to separate places, making it more difficult to see the whole picture of what is going on.

PSIMs have found the solution to this, by providing software which can integrate multiple unconnected security applications and devices and control them through one user interface.

The benefits of using these systems include:psims security management Keybury future tech

– Enables numerous organisational benefits
– Increased control
– Improved situation awareness
– Management reporting
– Reduce costs due to improved efficiency
– Improve security through increased intelligence

PSIM is the most open product on the market, integrating with every other security system on the market, for example sensors, CCTV, heating, lifts and automatic barriers. By pulling everything into one control room it makes everything more manageable.

This is the foundation of next generation security management.

PSIM security management keybury future tech newsPSIMs have 6 Key capabilities

Collects data from any number of separate security devices or systems.
System analyses and correlates data, events and alarms to identify and prioritise situations.
Presents information in a quick and easy format for an operator to verify the situation.
Step by step instructions based on best practises and company policies and tools to resolve situations.
Tracks all info for compliance reporting, training and in depth investigations if needed.
Audit trail.
Monitors how each operator interacts with the system and tracks any manual changes and reaction times.

As well as quick resolution, the system also allows for great preventative measures as it is easier to see trends or triggers across multiple systems. This allows the user flexibility and choice to have the best technologies without compatibility limitations.

Liam Heatley, the marketing manager of one of the leading PSIM providers said, “For years we have been watching Hollywood blockbusters, The Minority Report for example, remarking how unrealistic they are as technology simply didn’t exist to control everything, from access control to CCTV cameras, easily from one place. But that’s what PSIM is! The future is happening now.”