As the weather starts to pick up, now is the time to get your garden sorted for the summer.

shed-alarm-security-summer-outbuildings-wireless-alarms-keyburyMore people are starting to make better use of their sheds and outbuildings, using them as extensions of their homes for storage, office space, games rooms and even bars.

Although it is great to have this extra space for a relatively low price, thieves are aware that more valuable items are being stored in these less secure areas.

Even if you have just a little wooden shed, it is easy to increase the security on whatever budget you have.  Statistics show that 20% of sheds aren’t even locked.  Adding a shed alarm may also be useful depending on what you are storing.

Despite the risk of theft, this also increases the risk of theft from your home as thieves could use your garden tools to gain access to your home.
Below are a few tips to help prevent burglars from targeting your sheds and summer houses and keep your garden havens safe.

– Avoid storing high value items e.g. power tools and golf clubs outside. Store these in your home or secure garage.

– Remember to lock shed or garage after use.

– Use strong bolts and padlocks. Also secure door hinges. Try to buy locks and bolts which are less accessible to bolt cutters.

– Replace any rotten door or window frames.

– Try to buy a shed with thick doors which are hard wearing and more likely to resist a kick or physical pressure.

– Secure windows, screw them shut if they aren’t used. Fit Perspex instead of glass to prevent breakages and obscure the view inside by hanging netting or reflective film.

– Windows which open should be at least fitted with window locks.

– Chain bikes and ladders to a strong anchor point or each other to make them more difficult to remove.

– Property mark lawnmowers, drills, ladders etc. permanently with postcodes. This will make them less desirable to thieves and easier to return if found.

– Check that your home insurance covers your garage and shed.

– Greenhouses are generally unsafe, so avoid storing anything of value in them.

– Protect the boundaries of your garden to prevent thieves from even reaching your shed. Hedges and fences with a strong gate and lock will help to deter opportunists.

– Don’t use razor or barbed wire on fences or walls.

– Put gravel on paths to help you hear unwanted visitors.

– Place your shed somewhere clearly visible from your house, and if possible, also somewhere not visible from outside your property.

– Point some security lighting at your outbuildings. This will deter thieves.

– Don’t leave ladders outside, always secure them in your shed or garage.

– Extend your home burglar alarm to cover your garage, or add wireless detectors to your shed and outbuildings. Your full intruder system does not need to be wireless in order to add a wireless detector to your shed. Get in touch to speak with one of our surveyors about your options for outbuilding alarms.