The 1st February saw Keybury celebrate 35 years since the business started.  The original values of top quality service delivered by top quality staff are the reason Keybury are continuing to grow as a company, adopting new technologies and staying ahead of the competition.

Our staff play an important role and February has proved an exciting month with the recruitment of 5 new engineering staff who will be joining the Keybury team. Our investment in training is paying off as both younger trainees and more experienced engineers gain knowledge of new products and how to get the best out of them.

The Keybury Academy has officially been launched with every discipline and level being tested. There is a possible Pass, Merit or Distinction available at each stage. Congratulations to Adam who received our first Distinction in Installation of Intruder Alarms!


All departments are rewarded for their hard work with annual awards being presented each Christmas.  Our annual Christmas Breakfast allows us a time to reflect on the contributions of all our staff throughout the year. In each department we looked for the individual who had given the best all round performance, attitude and service to customers.

In Admin Clare came out on top, with her continued commitment to offering the best possible service to our clients, as well as providing support and guidance to colleagues across all departments. In the Installation Department Adam Baird was presented with the award as a result of his consistent good installation practices and willingness to go the extra mile.

Investing in our staff means ultimately we are investing in the service to our customers.